Server And Cloud Agreement

Contract requiring a customer to subscribe to a company-wide purchase obligation for products or development tools based on selected servers, in exchange for a better price per unit and special subscription licensing options. An EA (Enterprise Agreement) registry option that no longer exists and offers server-based license discounts for SQL Server, SharePoint Server and BizTalk Server, as well as Visual Studio and related technologies. Certain categories of server-based products and development tools are committed to acquiring across the company as part of a server and cloud recording. An EA (Enterprise Agreement) registration option that no longer exists and offered significant programmatic price reductions on basic server licenses (CIS Suite). Describes related legal rights that are linked as an individual customer and may enter into an EA (Enterprise Agreement) or MPSA contract with Microsoft. Program instructions for the Independent Software Vendor Royalty (ISVR) program. Цель данного введения – консолидация различных подтипов ЕА и упрощение управления лицензиями Microsoft для заказчиков. Упрощение лицензирования за счет перехода от использования трех прямых соглашений о регистрации на использование единого соглашения. Your email address will not be published. The required fields are marked – A form listing products purchased by a customer at the beginning of an EA registration to meet the purchase requirements across the contract organization, as well as the initial purchase quantities and applicable price levels. Заключение соглашения возможно по одному или нескольким компонентам при условии соблюдения требований. C 1 – 2014 – Microsoft EAP (registration for application platform), ECI (basic infrastructure registration) (EWA (registration for Windows Azure).

. SCE and Enterprise microsoft agreement. Program manuals for the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). Program manuals for server and cloud registration (SCE). SCE объединяет механизмы регистрации EAP, ECI и EWA в единую процедуру и позволяет лояльным клиентам приобрести одну или несколько базовых серверных и облачных технологий. . () ( . .